PPO Foundation

The PPO Foundation was set up in 2006 and is supporting workers and their families in the production areas. The foundation is helping to lift up the general standards according to particular  needs in the different countries/areas like improving schooling infrastructures, teaching skills to foreign workers, enabling children to go to school as well as hygienic and health related improvements. Projects in South Africa, Morocco, Israel and Spain have already been supported. PPO Foundation completed recently a project together with a strawberry producer in southern Spain. The Project includes a language and communication centre for foreign workers for a better integration and the possibility to communicate with their families at home. This course is very much appreciated by the workers. The possibility to achieve an official certificate is an additional motivation to them.


The extremely careful evaluation of our producers is a main factor for our success.
As a traditional company we are based on long-term relationships with our partners.
Some of our foreign producers rely on us in third generation. We know each other personally. Trust and respect is the basis for a long-term relation. Regularly we are visiting our growers to inform us of the latest production methods, the infrastructure as well as working processes. The producers are not only complying with our requirements, but they also need to follow the international standards like for example Global GAP. The changing climate and steadily growing requests of different groups of interest are challenging to them. Aiming for a long-term partnership we support our growers where ever we can. This gives us as well the continuity demanded by our clients.